History of STC


More than 45 years of journey, achieving remarkable milestones, STC was established in 1971 is a fully government owned corporation functioning under the Ministry of Trade and Economics. The corporation was established under the Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation Act. No 33 of 1070 and notified in Gazette Extraordinary No 14, 939/10 dated 5.1.11971 on which date it commenced its operations.

STC is today a strong, energetic, and youthful organization. Its history goes back forty-five years in time, where the founder late Hon. Minister of Commerce Mr T.B. Illangarathne who established STC in 1971. His great ambition was to "Serve the Customer, Serve the Nation". Since then STC has passed several milestones despite upward and downward trends under the various governments.

At a certain stage STC was monopolizing many products and services as a giant to serve the nation. Today STC has consolidated themselves in various facets and built its own personality to encounter future challenges.


1971 : Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation was established.
1971 : STC commenced its trading activities.
1992 : STC Converted in to a public limited liabilities company under the Conversion of Public Corporations and Government owned business undertaking in to Public Companies. THE Lanka General Trading Company Limited was established. registered under the Companies Act, No. 17 of 1982, under Company No. N [PBS/CGB]148.

2002 :

2014 :

The Company s Name was changed to STC General Trading Company Limited

The Company s Name was changed to Sri Lanka State Trading ( General) Corporation Ltd.

Pioneers of STC

Chairman Mr.Hussein Ahamed Bhaila Jan-2015 Nov -2015

Mr. Ashoka M. Jayasinghe
(Jan 1971 - Dec 1971)

Mr. A.W.r. Perera
(Dec 1971 - July 1977)

Mr. Rohan N. Hapugalle
(July 1977 - Feb 1983)

Mr L.E.A. Peiris
(May 1983 - Sept 1988)

Mr. Yasendra De Silva
(Sept 1988 - Mar 1989 and Jan 2002 - April 2004)

Mr. N.V.K.K. Weragoda
(Sept 1994 - April 1995)

Mrs. D.S.L.wijesekara
(May 1989 - Aug 1992 and Aug 1992 - Aug 1994)


Mr. D.C.K.W.Tennakoon
(May 1995 - Feb 2000)


Mr. A.J.M. Muzammil
(Jan 2001 - June 2001)


Mr. Neil Rupasinghe
(Dec 2005 - June 2008)

Mr.Pradeep Gunawardana

(Jan 2009-2014 Dec)


Mr.Hussein Ahamed Bhaila

(Jan-2015 Nov-2015)