cropped-reel_1.jpgSTC operated in various industries similar to a conglomerate in Sri Lanka, offering various products and services ranging from household equipment to industrial machinery such as Office equipment and stationery, electrical and electronics, Information technology, Industrial Chemicals, Agricultural Tools and Equipment, Tyre and Batteries, Plastic Products, Household Durable and Consumables, Office Furniture, Motor Bicycles and Bicycles, Medical Equipment, Educational Requisites, Sports Goods and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGS), are a few thriving segments that STC is in.

With the recognition of tourism, constructions, agriculture and manufacturing as emerging segments, STC stands on firm rounds with many opportunities opening nationwide.

with the micro national policies of the government, the vision of making Sri Lanka as trading hub in the region, and trends in the national economy, the increased wealth and increased per-capita income of Sri Lanka will enhance the purchasing power of sri Lankan people and organizations. Thus, their enhanced spending power is an opportunity to the STC to increase its turnover by many folds. Another significant strength of STC is that the various industries it operates in monopoly markets where only a few major private sector companies and many small retail traders are in existence.

An opportunity or new competitive entrants to any industry is very limited due to maturity of the trade, and due to the need on sizable in financial investments in the industries. innovative and proactive business solutions have provided STC with a strategic edge over competitors.

STC carries with them the potential of extending existing business towards accessible opportunities and expanding into new markets through generic strategies